I like to read…honestly

Just one of my many bookshelves – Okay, I like knic knacs too.

I like to read. But there’s nothing worse than wasting your time, reading something that’s not worth it.  I mean, there are way too many good books out there and simply not enough time to read them all. So, gentle reader, or rough reader – whatever you happen to be – I decided to offer you a service. I’ll waste my time, so to speak, so that you don’t have to! Isn’t that generous of me?  Visit my site to find reviews and my spoiler free opinion on books – and whether you should bother to pick it up or not.  I’ll try to put a variety of genres so that I can appeal to everyone – I do love to be appealing. Who doesn’t? And you can ask me to review something – either that you wrote (woot woot good for you!) or that you have on your TBR list – if you’re not sure whether you should bother with it, ask me and I’ll let you know. Until I start getting requests in, it’ll probably mostly be romance – because that’s what I mostly read.  So it’s up to you to liven this blog up with different sorts of books.  What fun we shall have! Happy reading (my reviews…not books…unless I give it the thumbs up…you know what I mean.)