YA / New Adult

Young Adult is about teens - yes, with all the angst you can expect. New Adult is the next step up - usually featuring college students or young twenty-somethings. It's a relatively new genre.

  • Contemporary Romance,  YA / New Adult

    My Hero: McCabe Brothers Book 2 by Julie Capulet

    My Hero by Julie Capulet is the second book in the McCabe brothers trilogy of novellas. I reviewed an ARC of My Hero in exchange for an honest review. Now, while I loved Hopeless Romantic, Bo’s story (be sure to read my review here) – I LOVED Caleb’s story. Like, insert all the capital letters here.  All of them.  Once again, we have a love and lust at first site between the two characters.  But I felt like Caleb and Violet had more intense obstacles to overcome, mainly Caleb’s PTSD.  A returning soldier, Caleb is suffering intense guilt and trauma over surviving, whereas several of his fellow soldiers, including his…

  • Contemporary Romance,  YA / New Adult

    Hopeless Romantic – a novella by Julie Capulet

    Love at First Sight.  Most people feel that this is just a myth – something that happens in Fairy Tales and sappy breath mint commercials.  In Capulet’s adorable novella, Hopeless Romantic, she shows what happens when characters see each other and are hit with lightning.  Their lives are irrevocably changed because of chance. They are victims of Cupid’s arrow, and are helpless to deny the powerful attraction, the intense pull, and fate’s intervention that brings them together.  Okay, so it’s really the power of social media in this case…but that doesn’t sound as magical, does it? In Hopeless Romantic, we meet Millie, a freshman just starting college who comes from…